Support Crews/Drop Bags

Support crews are to be located only at the Start/Finish area given the course loops back to this area for each leg and at the aid station located half way through loop 2 and 3. You will be provided with directions to the loop 2 and 3 aid stations prior to race day. Please note that support crews are not allowed anywhere on the course during the race other than these designated areas. Typically there is cell phone coverage in this area but no guarantees.

Although we are a short drive to Devon and the City of Edmonton we encourage you to bring the following items in order to make your day as comfortable as possible as the weather can quickly change:

  • warm clothes including possible change of clothes
  • sleeping bag
  • toiletries and personal need items
  • rain gear
  • tent or overhead tarp to protect your gear and people from the elements
  • medical kit with ability to use it properly
  • folding chairs
  • food and water for yourself
  • sunscreen
  • bug repellant
  • salt tablets and hydration drinks
  • towels
  • extra socks and shoes

Drop bags are not allowed at the aid stations away from the start/finish. However crews can meet their runners at them.