Race Package Pick-up

  • Runners must pick up their bib numbers and other race information at:
    • Fast Trax Run and Ski Shop 7326-101 Ave NW Edmonton from 4 pm- 6 pm on the Thursday prior to race day
    • the race site Start/Finish area from 6 pm-9 pm the night before the race, or
    • the race site Start/Finish area one hour and fifteen minutes prior to your race.
  • If you would like to find the location of the Start/Finish area simply click here and a location services called “what3words” will take you to it using the 3 words “pylon.inspiration.outperform.”  When you click on these 3 words a satellite view option will appear on your screen for ease of reference.
  • NOTE: We encourage you to pick up bib numbers and race information prior to race day to avoid line ups.