Race Course Distances

For those of you who care:  Total elevation gain/loss for the Magilla is just over 3.3 million millimeters or 11,000ft!!)

The 7 races outlined below are located on over 2100 acres of mostly privately owned forested undulating land along the majestic North Saskatchewan River Valley in Parkland County approximately 15 minutes from the City of Edmonton, Alberta’s west end and only a few minutes west of Devon, Alberta. We are very fortunate to have an opportunity to run on these beautiful properties and you will be amazed by the spectacular views and countryside!  Please keep in mind that most of the lands we will be running on are privately owned so no access will be allowed accept during the race and training runs that are scheduled by the race organizers.

Deer, moose, beavers, bald eagles, hawks, owls and coyotes are some of the more permanent residents in this area however cougars and black bears have been know to also pass through. Pristine undulating boreal forest trails will keep you on your toes and when you have time to look up it is breath taking. Almost all of the trails are beautiful single track that have been painstakingly hand pruned.

Depending on which leg you run be prepared to get wet when crossing local creeks with active beaver dams and the North Saskatchewan River to an island which has a single track trail you will have to navigate and prove you have done so by returning with a certain “somethin somethin” strategically placed on the island. Bring extra socks, shoes and a really warm towel!

There is some pretty serious elevation gain and loss in this valley so ensure hill repeats are part of your training as we want you to stay around for the post-race celebrations.

The course is made up of four loops of 9,19, 20 and 12km respectively with each loop returning to the Start/Finish area, meaning you will be no further than 12km from an aid station.

The four loops making up the 7 different races are as follows:

  • Loop 1- Summit Loop (9km):
    • The shortest leg of the race will have you dreaming of the beach after you go up and meander through some amazing forest trails featuring hazelnut bushes and some spruce stands and around some winds.

  • Loop 2-Homestead Loop (19km):
    • This loop is one of the longest with numerous different running surfaces. The single track will literally have you bobbing and weaving up and down the trail. You’ll be rewarded with some amazing scenery and possibly some trail rash since you’ll be going OOOOO before you go Owwwww! And this will be the site of the “aid station” serviced by our very own chef who will be preparing fresh food.

  • Loop 3- Westridge Loop (20km):
    • This loop will test your stamina. You will begin the loop with the most technical part of the course so be careful. It will lead you up to the top and down to the river valley bottom over and over again on a 20km journey (10km out and 10km back). If you missed the sights the first go around you will get another chance on the way back. Keep your eyes open on this trail for some unique sites!

  •  Loop 4-Island Loop (12km):
    • this loop could be considered the most challenging. You will get wet crossing the North Saskatchewan river to and from an island…you will go up and down…you will go through an old growth forest and past beaver ponds where the ingenuity of our national animal is evident. For those that don’t like getting dirty or wet, you should avoid this leg. Those that want to let their inner 6 year old out, go for it!


Magilla (100km solo)

  • You must run in consecutive order the Homestead Loop twice; Westridge Loop once; Island Loop twice; Summit Loop twice.
  • Cut off time to cross the river to the island is 7:00pm.
  • Cut off time to begin the Summit Loop final leg from the Start/Finish will be 9:00 PM.
  • Its called the Magilla for a reason! Its big and difficult! It will be a true test of your ultra running ability given the serious elevation gain and loss, the water and river crossings, demanding technical trails and finishing time constraint. Do not underestimate this one!!
  • 5am START TIME!
  • Race duration 17.5hrs


Wallace (80km solo)

  • You must run in consecutive order the Homestead Loop twice; Westridge Loop once; Island Loop once; Summit Loop once.
  • Cut off time to cross the river to the island is 7:00pm.
  • Also having a serious amount of elevation gain and loss, this course will test your abilities however you will have more time to complete this “animal.” This is an excellent precursor to your next step being the “Magilla” in our running series. But don’t underestimate it either as it too will take you over and through water courses, river crossings and technical trails that will make you glad to take a shower when done!
  • 5am START TIME!
  • Race duration 17.5hrs


Twisted Rabbit (80km relay)

  • You must run in consecutive order the Homestead Loop twice; the Island Loop twice; Summit Loop twice.
  • Cut off time to cross the river to the island is 7:00pm.
  • This relay race will give team members the opportunity to see a majority of the course.   Whether you have 2 or 6 team members this will be a super fun ride for all whether you have to get wet or not!
  • 7:30am START TIME!
  • Race duration 15 hrs


Muskeg (50km solo)

  • You must run in consecutive order the Summit Loop once, the Homestead Loop once during which you will be directed to go 5km out and 5km back on part of the Westridge Loop and the Island Loop once. Course marshals will be present to ensure you do not get lost. There will be an aid station close to the turnaround point.
  • Cut off time to cross the river to the island is 7:00pm.
  • It may be only 50km but you will see most of all the trails of REU on your run.  Not only will you get a taste of the varied types of terrain it will challenge your “wet feet” running ability given the beaver dam crossings and river crossings you will encounter. Bring extra socks and shoes!
  • 10am START TIME!
  • Race duration 12.5hrs


Koda (21km solo)

  • You must run the Summit Loop once followed by the Island loop once.
  • Cut off time to cross the river to the island is 7:00pm.
  • Koda is a gentle beast but a worthy challenge especially for those new to the trail running world not yet ready for a full Ultra. This has a bit of everything that  the longer distances have to offer including of course river and creek crossings.
  • 12:00pm START TIME!
  • Race duration 10.5hrs


Half Yak (12km solo)

  • You must run the Island Loop once.
  • For aspiring ultra runners we are offering this distance so you can get a taste of our “Running Series.” Its an opportunity to “dip your toes in the water” that will leave you with plenty of energy to stay for our post race festivities!
  • 1pm START TIME!
  • Race duration 8.5hrs

Muskrat (5km kids course)

  • This will be a fun loop involving some single track, some climbs, some descents all to the cheers of the adults. Fun run for kids 15 years of age and under!
  • 3pm START TIME!
  • Race duration is as fast as your legs will take you 🙂

All courses will be marked and all runners must stay on the designated trails.